Quality and Security

Cardag Deutschland develops, manufacture and sells transponders and cards as contactless, contact or dual-interface smart cards with extremely stable and long lasting foil materials. Our own developed materials cover all temperature ranges for access and security applications. Our product range is completed by inlays for eDatapage and Identity Card applications. Our contactless and dual-interface cards are passive transponders and cover all frequency ranges - NF, HF and UHF. All our products are 100% tested for electrical function or customer specifically programmed.

Our production starts with the manufacturing of chip modules for contactless, contact or dual-interface smart cards. All modules have been developed by ourselves. Inlay production is made for NF, HF and UHF- frequency ranges using our own completely automated routines. Special inlay material is used for passport and identity documents. Further card production and finishing is made on state of the art equipment which we modified especially for the requirements of contactless products. 

Our customers can chose from various additional features as re-writable (TRW) foils, Iriodin – and metallic colors, kinegrams, magnetic stripes, special logo stamping, signature panels, punching holes or customer specific options.

On the electrical side we realize fully automated programming / testing for contactless, contact and dual-interface chips in all frequency ranges. Hardware, software and all processes have been developed by our experienced and highly qualified employees. We have modern equipment, laboratories and analytical tools at our disposal for research, development and quality management.

All our processes are based on standards like CE, ISO 14021, EN 10204, REACH, ROHS. Our company is certified according to ISO 9001- 2008 and ISO 14001- 2000. Those standards are not only paperwork but are used in the daily routine by all our employees. We are all aware that reliability and high quality is necessary to establish and maintain long lasting relationships with our customers.

Special secure parts of our production are certified by BSI (EAL4+). Several other product and software certifications from Arsenal (AIT), ITSO, CETECOM, Legic® and  VDV-KA emphasize our high technical demand on our products and service.