Contactless Smart Cards

Contactless Smart cards made by Cardag Deutschland are passive transponders in card dimensions. Such transponders are activated by an electromagnetic field or radio waves sent out by card readers. The same principles are used for data exchange between card and reader.

Distinction and classification of contactless transponders is mainly done by the frequency of such transmission or by transmitting behavior. Such transmission features are defined in international standards as ISO 14443, ISO 15693 or ISO 18000.

Cardag Deutschland covers the complete frequency range with transponders in low (125kHz) , high (13.56MHz) and ultra high (800-900MHz) frequencies. You will find our overview about chip types and material constructions here:contactless / UHF+TWIN / Dual interface.

The fundament for such versatility is our highly automated production line with strong vertical integration. It starts with our own module manufacturing via special antenna and card production up to finally laminated and 100% tested cards. Customer specific programming or special features enhance the security of our contactless cards.