Company Profile

We are in the middle of the development to a digital society. People want to communicate, work, travel or shop independent from time zones and conventions. The foundation for all those activities is secure identity, one of the most discussed technical subjects nowadays. Our card technology is one of the bricks in the basement of the house of secure identification.

Cardag Deutschland GmbH specializes in the development, design, manufacturing and sale of high quality and long lasting contactless, contact and dual-interface smart cards as well as special transponders. All used material compositions have been developed by our own R&D. They meet diverse customer requirements and are completed by customized card printing or various security additives. Completely programmed microprocessor chips enhance the integration in secure environments and ease further system integration for our customers.

The fundament for our versatility is our highly automated production line with strong vertical integration. It starts with our own module manufacturing via special antenna and card production up to finally laminated and 100% tested cards. Most of our production equipment, all material compositions and most of the software are our own developments. Due to our active influence over every manufacturing step we are strong to realize customer specific requirements while offering high flexibility and reliability in production processes and lead times.

Products made by Cardag are used worldwide in markets such as tourism, public transport, secure physical and logical identification and access, parking and industrial environments. Contactless cards from Cardag hold several certifications, e.g. from Legic CiC, Arsenal, ITSO, VDV-KA, BSI.

Our core competencies:

  • Design and production of contactless products LF-, HF- and UHF-frequency ranges as well as combinations of these frequencies
  • e-Datapage Inlays
  • Dual-Interface- Cardag patented DIS and hybrid cards 
  • Coil-on-Module embedding 
  • Own development of manufacturing and test equipment
  • Technical consulting services


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